Help us deploy a signed version

Dear user!

Last year we spent houndreds of hours of development and tests to provide a good and beautiful software to make some cool things.

Each deploy had to be signed with a certificate known as Code Signing Certificate, but right now our 2-year certificate has been expired, so we can't sign new versions.

That's why we started a campaign for donations so we can purchase a new certificate, and then keep developing DesktopComfort.

Get the new beta version

As of April 15 we've released a new beta version v0.8.14 (not yer signed), you can get it right here!

Download v0.8.14


Donations are accepted with NANO and PayPal, BTC and LTC please se below how to contribute

Beta Version Expired

NANO - nano_3enzsshoeg7u3954y88yiao3y19wdugagkqsoyrz6ehj8bi86511aucabjpp No fee

Litecoin - LdonateNUqhvHe8w3eQWNCVSx7U8dcj1St Low fee

Bitcoin - 1donate1LepmZahms8vHhiYbh5PQVSBBa High fee

PayPal - Click here to donate with PayPal™