This is the time to donate! 🕐

Dear users!

💜 Thank you very much for every one that had donated!

I know you did the best, but the amount wasn't enough to renew the certificate (Code Signing, $179) for the next couple years.

I will keep updating the software for myself, and the donators will still receive updates when they request.

💔 The site will be shutdown any time after June 2023, please contribute to the project if you want keep access to it after that.

We've already contacted every one that contributed to provide the latest up-to-date version!

You can collaborate too using the options at the bottom of this page. Contact-us after that to request a permanent version!

Beta version is still available from here:

Beta Version Expired

Download Latest Version


Donations accepted with NANO and PayPal, BTC and LTC please se below how to contribute

NANO - nano_3enzsshoeg7u3954y88yiao3y19wdugagkqsoyrz6ehj8bi86511aucabjpp Open

Litecoin - LdonateNUqhvHe8w3eQWNCVSx7U8dcj1St Open

Bitcoin - 1donate1LepmZahms8vHhiYbh5PQVSBBa Open

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