Signed Version Available!

Dear user!

🤍 Thank you very much for contributing to the project, we were able to purchase a Code Signing Certificate!

We've already contacted every one that contributed using PayPal to provide a permantent up-to-date version!

You can collaborate too using the options at the bottom of this page. Contact-us after that to request a permanent version!

Beta version is still available from here:

Beta Version Expired

Download Latest Version


Donations accepted with NANO and PayPal, BTC and LTC please se below how to contribute

NANO - nano_3enzsshoeg7u3954y88yiao3y19wdugagkqsoyrz6ehj8bi86511aucabjpp Open

Litecoin - LdonateNUqhvHe8w3eQWNCVSx7U8dcj1St Open

Bitcoin - 1donate1LepmZahms8vHhiYbh5PQVSBBa Open

PayPal - Click here to donate with PayPal™