Automatic Dark Mode

When Apple unveil their macOS Mojave, one of the new cool features was the Dark Mode. Microsoft also developed it's own Dark Mode. It is available to all up-to-date Windows 10 versions. In the begining, Windows Dark Mode was only after some tricky registry settings. Now it is available on Control Panel, but until today (mid 2020), it need to be activated or deactivated manually.

Desktop Comfort can do that for you!

Desktop Comfort Automatic Dark Mode for Windows
Desktop Comfort Dynamic Wallpaper like Mojave for Windows

Dynamic Wallpaper

Windows 10 allows you to schedule wallpaper changes in a limited way: it random changes after a period of hours and minutes. If you want to get an even more precise change, this feature is for you!

Just like Apple's Mojave wallpapers, now you can set the time to slowly change wallpaper to match specific daylight. Even better: Desktop Comfort can match the sunrise and sunset of your location. More about that in next topic.

Time Settings

With Desktop Comfort Time Settings you can quickly choose between a fixed day and night time, or let the app get the best settings based on your location.

This way you can always match the sunrise and sunset of your city and trigger the events like adjust Dark Mode or Display Brightness, which we'll cover in the next topic.

Desktop Comfort automatic change display brightness
Sunrise and Sunset time settings of Desktop Comfort

Display Brightness

Sometimes we see ourselves so involved in an activity, we don't notice the light changing. If your main computer is a desktop, chances are you need to adjust each display brightness manually.

That's why Desktop Comfort brings automatic Display Brightness change for your desktop computer.

Quickly change predefined modes

Now you can quickly change between day, night and auto profiles using desktop shortcuts.

The changes will be kept for one hour

Desktop Comfort Day, Night and Auto quick shortcuts